Updated on January 22nd 2015 by Kevin Holland

Home users

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Home Users - Different Needs? Different Benefits!

There are many similarities between the needs of a Business User and a Home User. You want a reliable computing experience; you want your system and data to be secure, and you want your email, instant messaging, web browsing and Social Networking to just work.

One of the benefits of being a home user is that many things which are expensive for a business are cheaper, or even free, for a home user. In particular software.


Home users can often benefit from free versions of software that business users have to pay for.

Recent News

  • Windows 10 is a FREE upgrade

    [Jan 22 2015] Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. The announcement was made at the Windows 10 Consumner Preview event held at Redmond on January 21st.

  • 2nd successful wireless bridge

    [Aug. 2014] HollandCS has linked four buildings at animal bedding manufacturer Robin Foster-Clarke in Middleton. This is the infrastructure to support a future heavy plant monitoring CCTV project. This will make sure that any machine breakdown is swiftly noticed, ensuring maximum manufacturing uptime.

  • Windows XP End of Support

    [Apr. 08 2014] 12-ish years after release Microsoft has finally ended support for Windows XP. Although Windows XP will continue to work it will no longer receive patches to fix any future vulnerabilities. If you're still running a computer with Windows there are some things you should think about...